Daily Surf Report

Friday, August 26, 2005

Mount Washington

Mt. Washington, as you may know, has some of the harshest weather in the U.S. The record for wind speed was recorded there, and about 1/3 of days of the year record hurricane-force winds. This site is the weather observation there.

Physics Test

I may sound nerdish for saying this, but I love physics. I really should have kept that as my major back in college. So for your amusement, here's a physics test meant to help you see if you really know as much as you think you know.

I got a 90%, which is good I guess, but a little disappointing for me. Hope you all do well.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Fear Factor

One thing I never could tolerate was all the reality show crap out there. I watched about half an episode of the first survivor, and was forced to gouge my brain out.

Now Fear Factor is something I can get into though. I often thought about becoming a contestant. I think they end up picking people who admit to some sort of phobia though. If fear of falling is your big problem, why do you go on a show that you know will put you in that situation? I don't get it.

Anyway, I always thought I might be a decent candidate. I've voluntarily in the past eaten some of the things they've challened contenstants to eat. I can probably handle that. Don't know about the live spiders, or that part, but I could maybe manage. As for dealing with heights, or being trapped underwater, I don't have any fear of that.

I've always been curious. I don't suppose I will ever try to get on the show, so I may not find out. Something to think about though. At least it is better than watching 16 idiots on an island bickering about who is going to vote against who.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

How to waste an hour or seven.

I'm a big fan of the little games on the internet. I don't like the more involved games, because I don't often have more than a few minutes at a time before some sort of interruption comes by. I found a game yesterday that managed to suck me in. Very simple, very easy concept. The first few levels are no big deal. After completing level 17, I was ready to gouge my eyes out. I still have it sitting there, in case I want to move on to level 18. But I'm trying to talk myself out of being that dumb.

If gouging your eyes out sounds appealing, go visit planarity.net.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

That's Just Nasty

For the next installment of surfing, I found myself discovering what all kinds of nasty "food" substances can be ingested, with only moderate risk of regurgitation or death. I've traveled in some unusual places around the world, and consumed some very, um, "strange" foods, (to put it nicely). But I simply can't compete with thesneeze.com's "Steve, Don't Eat It!" series.

Tracking the Dough

I was reminded today, of the pointless amusement one can have on the internet. I looked at one of my $1 bills, and it had, stamped on it, . I already knew what that was, having been there before once, a long time ago. I decided to go back.

You enter the serial number of the bill, and check to see if anyone else has looged in with that bill. I decided to enter the bills I have in my possession right now.

The one I put in last year, is still not claimed by anyone else. I'm a little disappointed, but maybe these will have more luck.

Monday, August 01, 2005

THATS how Capitalism works? Thanks, comrade.

Russians leap ahead of U.S. in space race for tourism money.

NASA officials import new brick wall to beat their heads against.